122 Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites | January 2017

122 do-follow social bookmarkings sites helps to the webmasters of websites or blogs to get one way backlinks to the posts / content / pages of your website domain give it authority in search engines over time. one best way to get backlinks to your website or blog is to post your content in do-follow social bokmarking websites [ < a href=http://www.social-bookmarking-sites.com> social bookmarking sites < /a> or < a href=http://www.social-bookmarking-sites.com rel=”dofollow”> social bookmarking sites < /a> ]. It means the social bookmarking website which do not use "nofollow" tag example : < a href="http://www.social-bookmarking-sites.com/" rel="nofollow">social bookmarking sites< /a>. Try to post your content in High page rank / High pr social bookmaring websites, that will help you to get quality backlinks.

There are so many fully atomated social bookmarking software are available in the market which will help your for fast submission. To do bookmaring is effective manner do it in large scale - Book mark all the best content of your website or blog on a regular basis and post it in bookmarking sites as many as you can. Below is the list of sites. it will take couple of minutes to complete the list.

There are some fully-automated social bookmarking software like Socialadr, IMAutomator, Social Marker, TribePro these allows you to bookmark your content to multiple social networking sites in few seconds ! You have to give your URL in the url field, click a button to pull out the title, description & tags or you can enter your own. choose the sites list to submit your content.

About imautomator.com : imautomator social bookmarking tool creates a submission schedule for your content / posts and submits your bookmark to your desired bookmarking sites without your intervention. IMAutomator manages account for earch social bookmarking website, it changes the IP addresses every time, changes the content submission timings, it provide the suitable category for your content. IMAutomator is one of the fastest and easiest social bookmarking software.
imautomator plans starting from $12 per month or as your wish option is there.

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About socialmarker.com : Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a your website or blog. But submitting to each and every social bookmarking site is is very time-consuming and downloading all toolbars is very difficult. SocialMarker.com is a free tool which is very easiest and fastest to bookmark a website or a blog.
SocialMarker help you to get a lot of backlinks
It helps you increase your website or blog traffic.
your content get indexed very fast in search engines like google, bing, yahoo...
Social Marker works well in all major web browsers, but Firefox is the best for Social Marker.
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122 DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List UPDATED January 2017
Website Do-Follow Alexa Rank Page Rank
slashdot.org Yes 1738 9
reddit.com Yes 33 8
squidoo.com N/A 18,473 8
stumbleupon.com N/A 298 8
delicious.com N/A 2,442 8
weheartgossip.com NA NA 8
digg.com no 950 8
technorati.com Yes 1,660 8
folkd.com Yes 3,623 8
mixx.com NA NA 8
mister-wong.com no 16,875 8
diigo.com no 1,416 7
citeulike.org NA NA 8
metafilter.com Yes 2,807 7
connotea.com NA NA 7
newsvine.com N/A 3,986 7
blinklist.com no 5,138 7
bibsonomy.org no 6,454 7
current.com Yes 9,341 7
connotea.org Yes 21,258 7
explorebim.com Yes 24,063 7
hotklix.com N/A 2,751 6
dotnetkicks.com NA NA 6
dzone.com Yes 3,288 6
Kirtsy.com NA NA 6
LinkaGoGo.com NA NA 6
blogmemes.net NA NA 6
SocialMedian.com NA NA 6
buddymarks.com Yes 8,052 6
jumptags.com no 9,565 6
spurl.net NA NA 6
startaid.com N/A 13,879 6
pusha.se N/A 17,786 6
Faves.com NA NA 6
designmoo.com N/A 18,002 6
kwoff.com Yes 19,233 6
netvouz.com no 20,923 6
bizsugar.com Yes 6,323 5
BuddyMarks.com NA NA 5
designfloat.com Yes 6,376 5
ClipClip.com NA NA 5
popscreen.com N/A 6,727 5
dropjack.com no 6,936 5
blurpalicious.com Yes 19,596 5
blogengage.com Yes 10,840 5
IndianPad.com NA NA 5
tagza.com N/A 11,182 5
linkatopia.com NA NA 5
1888pressrelease.com N/A 11,751 5
MyLinkVault.com NA NA 5
youmob.com N/A 11,922 5
plime.com NA NA 5
corank.com N/A 17,489 5
Searchles.com NA NA 5
sitejot.com N/A 17,720 5
SpotBack.com NA NA 5
wists.com N/A 20,075 5
ShoutWire.com NA NA 5
shetoldme.com N/A 20,083 5
a1-webmarks.com Yes 21,190 5
givealink.org N/A 14,853 4
thoof.com N/A 22,945 5
designbump.com N/A 22,344 5
moolets.com Yes 24,929 5
weblinkr.com N/A 28,480 5
scoopit.co.nz Yes 29,131 5
fark.com N/A 2,793 4
linkarena.com N/A 11,557 4
bookmarkingdemon.com Yes 11,183 4
givealink.org N/A 14,853 4
mysitevote.com N/A 25,843 4
fwisp.com Yes 15,923 4
bookmarking sites Yes 14,227 4
jeqq.com N/A 21,236 4
blogmarks.net Yes 22,201 4
givealink.org N/A 14,853 4
bmaccess.net N/A 25,543 4
mysitevote.com N/A 25,843 4
ilinking.org N/A 26,760 4
digitfest.com N/A 27,920 4
incomehybrid.com Yes 15,200 4
akonter.com Yes 24,458 3
dealigg.com N/A 6,584 3
webdevunlimited.com Yes 62,297 3
bookmark4you.com N/A 8,625 3
enexpress.net N/A 21,601 3
social-bookmarking.net N/A 10,784 3
guide07.com Yes 60,129 3
newsmeback.com N/A 11,955 3
mylinkvault.com Yes 12,988 3
humsurfer.com Yes 14,266 3
bukmark.net Yes 17,212 3
sturvs.com Yes 17,671 3
kwzz.com Yes 21,573 3
easymash.com N/A 23,423 3
pr4links.com no 25,227 3
zabox.net N/A 25,034 3
jetdonkey.com Yes 26,059 3
blogbookmark.com N/A 27,575 3
lawrkhawm.com N/A 28,636 3
webmaster911.com N/A 29,897 3
mettablog.com N/A 29,725 3
magicsubmitter.com Yes 14,539 3
arrivenews.com Yes 26,936 2
bestofindya.com Yes 21,358 2
votetags.info Yes 22,502 2
business-planet.net Yes 23,984 2
kannikar.com Yes 24,139 2
affiliated-business.com N/A 25,045 2
socialwebmarks.com Yes 25,201 2
eggig.com Yes 25,272 2
newsciti.com Yes 26,455 2
onestopbookmarks.com N/A 27,244 2
bookmarkgroups.com Yes 26,837 2
dizzed.com N/A 28,539 2
ewebmarks.com Yes 23,883 1
kojaxx.com Yes 24,808 1
linkvote.com N/A 25,512 1
svejo.net N/A 11,908 N/A
everycorners.com Yes 326,866 N/A
tinyblogs.net N/A 262,657 N/A
video-bookmark.com N/A 15,860 N/A
yemle.com N/A 16,226 N/A

what is social bookmarking ?

A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents

Unlike file sharing, social bookmarking does not save all the data it is gives save the only link of perticular data i.e. a link to the bookmarked page. you can add the Descriptions to these bookmarks in the form of metadata, so users can understand the content of the resource.

Why Use Social Bookmarking ?

Social bookmarkig sites will help you to get more visits and backlinks to your website or blog. If you bookmark your content these sites will give you backlinks to your website or blog these backlinks will help you in seo. For best results, you want to make sure that the bookmarking sites provide a real, do-follow link. so social bookmarking sites will not give you do-follow backlinks these will hlep help you in search engine optimization [SEO].
One other thing you should remember is your social bookmarking are not to be public it should be public. Search enignes ex : google, bing,.. will consider only public bookmarks not private.

Advantages of social bookmarking.

1. Helps build backlinks for your website. Just ensure that you submit your website to bookmarking sites that feature do follow attribute.

2. Bookmarking sites help save a lot of time and effort.

3. You can increase your Search Engine rankings naturally with social bookmarking submissions.

4. Social Bookmarking tools have been developed to save the links online rather than saving in the computer. user access from any where.

5. Social Bookmarking sites are to improve online visibility of your blog or website. If you submit your site to more number of Social Bookmarking Sites, your visibility will be increased more faster.

6. social bookmarking helps to create larger level of exposure for the content. You get more visitors for your site. It therefore helps your online business flourish.

7. It helps to index your content very fast in search engines.

What is the use of nofollow social bookmarking sites.

There are some bookmarking sites which use nofollow attribute or dynamic link structures. These may not give backlinks to your website or a blog. But these no-follow social bookmarking sites will help you to get good traffice. If your site content is bookmared in high quality bookmarking sites then it could get votes from other users and in the case of some of the big sites, getting your bookmark on the front page can result in huge traffic to your blog or website ! Some popular social bookmarking sites content is copying by other websites. The other websites which are copying data from the popular sites may give you backliniks. So it will help you in search engine optimization [SEO].

These following no-follow social bookmarking websites will help you to get good visits to your website or blog.

Delicious = no-follow | Rank 2,485| pr 8
digg.com = no-follow | Rank 932 | pr 8
Diigo.com = no-follow | Rank 2,382 | pr 7
bibsonomy.org = no-follow | Rank 5,383 | pr 7
blinklist.com = no-follow | Rank 17,456 | pr 7
jumptags.com = no-follow | Rank 61,313 | pr 6
netvouz.com = no-follow | Rank 35,714 | pr 6
dropjack.com = no-follow | Rank 6,936 | pr 5
pr4links.com = no-follow | Rank 25,227 | pr 3

Note : In bookmarking you can book mark all your content but You Should not bookmark evey page of your website. The concept of social bookmarking is that you are sharing content with other users around the web and uses will vote for your content. If you bookmark rubbish content people feel it as spamming! Bookmark only best posts of your website or blog – Good blog posts, nice articles, editorials, great interviews, podcasts,best videos, resources and so on. These will help in getting votes to your content.

How to Bookmark For SEO

1. Create a profile in any social bookmarkings sites listed above.

2. Then click on the "submit your link" button.

3. give your website / blog content URL.

4. Provide descritpion of your post.

5. give keywords of you post. Some times you many need to give the tags.

6. upload photo if required.

7. select related catagory of your post.

8. Click on the submit button.

9. Now you are done.

Benefits of social bookmarking in seo

1. Social bookmarking is a hugely effective link buildingstrategy that does not require much effort on yourpart.

2. Helps in increase the traffic from the search engines.

3. it helps to increase page rank.

4. more and more backlinks to your webiste or blog will your seo ranking.

5. Social bookmarking help for Faster Indexing by Search Engines.

Updated on 9 September 2017