Advantages | benefits of Social bookmarking sites in seo | October 2016

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Social bookmarking helps Internet users to store, manage and search for their favorite web pages never easier as well as enables them to share this bookmark with friends based on classified keywords. Users can view all the links that have been grouped according to keywords, topics or thanks to the support of search engines.

What are the Advantages / benefits of Social Bookmarking sites in seo

Below are the list of benefits / advantages of social bookmarking sites.

1. Link building – Best bookmarking sites have a high PageRank, If you get the back link from those websites you will get the high page rank to your website. these sites are of a considerably high quality. There are good no of social bookmarking services that can help submit your website to hundreds of social bookmarking sites, in effect creating hundreds of backlinks to your website.

2. Social bookmarking is a practice of saving bookmarks on a public website and tagging them with keywords. It helps you get huge traffic and quality backlinks. In social bookmarking, you can add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents.

3. There are many people, who visit your website, and don't take any action on their first visit. But, if you can offer them bookmarking options on your website page, they will bookmark your page to find your website again, which there by increases the number of repeat visitors.

4. There are many social bookmarking websites that are trusted by a lot visitor. So, if you can have a link pointing to your website on their page, it will generate more visitors and higher ranking.

5. There are cases where individuals bookmark web pages that have not been indexed by search engines. Part of the site addresses in a bookmarking system may have been poorly indexed or not indexed by search engines altogether. Thanks to the bookmarking site, because unsatisfactory indexed website addresses are made visible through the bookmarking system and will then have a better chance to be picked up by search engines.

6. Helps build backlinks for your website. You can build backlinks for your website through social bookmarking. Just ensure that you submit your website to bookmarking sites that feature dofollow attribute.

7.The best way to get your website indexed by Google and other search engines is through submission to social bookmarking sites. This is made possible by the fact that the search engine spiders are constantly crawling the most popular social book marking sites and therefore indexing new information regularly.

8. Social bookmarking sites are highly rated by search engines like Google and so if your site is bookmarked it increases the ranking. Search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing keep bookmarking arrangements they score high and bookmark your website indirectly bound to be better. Your bookmarks site will up its position as bookmarking scheme favored by browsing engines similar to Yahoo and Google them high scores.

9. When people bookmark a website several times in a bookmarking site, it increases the chances of placement in high-ranking positions in search. Bookmarking systems have an advantage over external links that search engines use toward a website.

10. with social bookmarking, you can create a much larger level of exposure for the content. You get more visitors for your site. It therefore helps your online business flourish.

11. When your web page is having quality content, your readers are likely to recommend it to the general public through social bookmarking. Those who find the content interesting will also do the same, creating a viral effect for your content.This would mean more and more backlinks to your webpages, which is quite fundamental in SEO rankings.

12. Adding social bookmarks to a large number of sites would require more time on each of the sites, then proceed to add URLs, their tags and descriptions.The practice of social bookmarking is invaluable for SEO.Combined with other link building strategies, you can quicklyget your website from virtual obscurity to high visibility dueto a higher PR and quicker indexing of your content by search engines.

13. Provides information about your competitors - When somebody has bookmarked a site, then you only need to read it. So, it makes your work easier to know about all the competitor sites in your industry.

14. Social bookmarking is a good idea for link building strategy that does not require much effort on your part. people share by bookmarking interesting content that they find online. When you submit your content to these social sharing sites, you are hoping to generate enough buzz to attract more traffic to your website.

All the above points explains the advantages or benefits of social bookmarking sites in seo. webmasters post your content in the social bookmarking sites that will help to increase your website visits and page ranking.

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